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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Senator Johnson: No to “Business As Usual”!

Senator Johnson took to the Senate floor to note that no serious effort is being made to address the nation's fiscal crisis. He stated his intention to begin to object to legislation coming up for a vote, unless the Senate undertakes serious efforts to tackle this crisis.

So let me start the process by throwing out a number: $2.6 trillion. This is $800 billion more than we spent just 10 years ago. That is the amount that President Obama, in his budget, says the federal government will receive in revenue next year. If we only spent that amount of money, we would be living within our means. What a concept, huh?

Obama's Absurd Press Conference!

Rush Limbaugh on June 29, 2011:

This country has a spending problem. It has a big spending problem.

This guy starts out, opening statement in the presser boiled down to one thing: raise taxes. He is worse than a broken record. He's a broken teleprompter. The teleprompter's stuck. It's broken: raise taxes, raise taxes. He keeps talking about folks and default, trying to talk like the hicks out there, trying to make them think that he's one of them. He's closer than he realizes.

Folks, it's dangerous what's happening here. And it's very important for the Republicans to understand what's going on here and to be prepared for it. Obama's trying to show up late here and pretend to lead on the debt ceiling and on the debt and on the deficit, but he brought so many straw men to this news conference today that it's a fire hazard in there.

We do not need to raise the debt ceiling. There is no crisis. There is no Armageddon. This is stimulus all over again. This is TARP all over again. This is the same lie repeated over and over again, the same attempt to make you think your country is coming to a screeching halt and is ending unless the debt ceiling is raised.

But we're looking at the one responsible man in the room, Barack Obama, responsible for the mess. We're looking at the one responsible person. He's going to try and has tried to present himself as the one reasonable man in the room. He is single-handedly, along with his party, responsible for this. (imitating Obama) "Republicans are gonna be trying to drive us into the ditch." Obama will stand tall, declare each side must give a little, and Obama is the one reasonable man in the room because he's the smartest.

Complete essential audio follows:

"Obama is worse than a broken record. He's a broken teleprompter: raise taxes, raise taxes, raise taxes."

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