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Saturday, November 21, 2009

"And unfortunately, the data support Rush's argument!"

This is awesome, I love it!
In the Beaufort Observer yesterday:

Rush Limbaugh to President Obama: "You lie" (about jobs "created or saved") And unfortunately, the data support Rush's argument!

As though it's a darn shame that Rush Limbaugh, of all people, is actually factually correct about something! It begins:

"The question can be simply stated: "How many jobs did the $787 billion Stimulus Plan create?" The answer cannot be state at all, with any degree of accuracy. By most people's reasoning that means that the $787 billion has been wasted. Now we realize it has not all been "spent" but since it is assumed they will do so as they have done for what they have already spent, we contend that the accountability must be applied to the full $787 billion. The original idea can also be simply stated: In the face of rising unemployment President-elect Obama in December and January of 2009, just before he took office, advocated for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) saying that it would create "3-4 million jobs and 90% of these jobs will be created in the private sector."

You can listen to it in his January 10. 2009 weekly radio address. Unemployment was at 7.2% at the time."

The "Report" he refers to in his address can be read by clicking here. A few day later Obama raised the estimate to 4 million jobs, again 90% in the private sector. The article goes on to say that:
"Even the president admits the Stimulus Plan has not worked. Within weeks of passage he switched from saying it would create 3-4 million jobs to saying that it would "save" that many jobs. Unemployment continued to climb. Now he has reduced the number to 650,000 jobs "saved or created". This ABC article chronicles some of the erroneous numbers that Team Obama have been putting out."

Lies, all lies Mr. President! See, Rush is not the idiot the antagostic "left" consistently portrays him as!

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