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Sunday, February 21, 2010

The unofficial "Elect anyone butt Harry Reid" campaign continues...

This Nevada resident located several "Elect anyone butt Harry Reid" signs, posters and billboards around town and composed a little music video to express his disdain for the outspoken Democratic majority leader.

More than half of Nevadans are unhappy with Sen. Harry Reid, according to a new poll commissioned by the Las Vegas Review-Journal.
"I am absolutely running for re-election," said Reid, 70, in a statement. "These are difficult times for Nevada and as the majority leader of the Senate I have been able to take action to address those challenges. But I know there is more work to do to turn our state's economy around and create jobs and I am committed to seeing it through."
Are you lauging yet? According to the survey:
• 52 percent had an unfavorable opinion of Reid, 33 percent had a favorable view and another 15 percent said they're neutral.
Americans are licking their chops at the idea of Reid taking a fall.
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