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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Why the Democrats’ lost a generation of voters!

America speaks:
• The progressive agenda has destroyed the Democratic party. I don't consider that a bad thing.
• And here it is in a nutshell: the left thought having an "openly" gay winner was star material. How many of you reading this are just fed up with the identity politics? The sexual orientation/race/male/female/rich/poor slicing and dicing of people into bits of nothingness? Openly gay??? What the hell does he stand for? All he had to be was a homosexual? That's a qualification? You leftwing a$$es are just that. Don't you get it? People are sick of all this crap. Your "qualifications" turn out to be nothing more than labels and you think people are so stupid that that would be enough for most of Americans. It isn't.
• Actually, the Democrats lost two generations. They can thank Michelle Obama for losing the second generation: the children. Their number one issue is the health food fanaticism out of the White House. That may sound silly in perspective, but a host of school students have already had their first run-in with big goverment.
• America does not want socialism. They look at this as a short term problem that can be easily fixed with a new crop of socialist candidates. Hey Politico! Take Obama out of your mouth and wake up and smell the coffee. Your ideology has been rejected.
• You lost Maryland, Mass, and Illinois? Wow, Democrats, America hates you.
• Ohhhh, now don't get all down in the mouth Democrats. You will live to lie another day.....after all, you still have Debbie Wasserman-Schultzie running the party and with vibrant, patriotic and honest leaders like Obama, Uncle Joe ("I'm Laughing At You") Biden, Durbin, Reid, Pelosi and the drop-dead political corpse, Ole' Granny Hillary Clinton at role-models.... The Democrats are gonna be drawing the cream of the crop to join their ranks.
• The far left idealogues running the Democrat Party today would have rejected JFK as a Tea Party lunatic.
• The Democratic Party once favored populist policies that benefited ordinary Americans. Now their priority is pandering to Hispanics and immigrants with amnesty for their relatives and higher immigration rates to bring in more. They want to win elections with 80% of Hispanic and immigrant voters, plus 90% of black voters (who don't realize that they are the greatest victims of high immigration).
• To the Left- Oh please give us more politics of race and gender combined with the good ole boy Democrat traditions of George Wallace on race relations and Bill Clinton on sex predatory tactics. With Hillary Clinton the long suffering so last century wife of a lying under oath POTUS who thinks she has the right to inherit the Oval Office for a 3rd term of Bills, as she calls his women, "bimbos". This should keep folks voting for the GOP for the next 20 years.
• The MSM is quick to label anyone to the right of John McCain as a radical conservative. Meanwhile, the Dems run the most liberal member of the senate for president and elect an over-the-hill hippie as Speaker of the House and they are considered mainstream.
• If Democrats and Obama openly ran on the platform they imposed they would have NEVER been elected in the first place ... thats why they're wolfs in sheep's clothing ... they know their agenda is anti-American and would never fly with Americans so they must conceal, deceive and lie to get into power ... the era of Howard Zinn and Saul Alinsky is OVER ... Let the depositions begin ..

Pew Research: Charted study in Media Bias!

“The differences between the media habits of liberals and conservatives – and between those in the ideological ends and the middle – is striking,” said Amy Mitchell, director of journalism research." What is "striking" is the left wing media/ intolerance and bias. What did they expect given the decades of telling partisan lies to the public. The mainstream media simply can't be trusted anymore. The difference between conservatives and liberals is that conservatives and independents KNOW the MSM is lying to them to advance the Democrat Party, and chose to view Fox (in ever increasing numbers).
Chart courtesy of the Pew Research Center, based on all web respondents and ideological consistency....


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