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Monday, June 28, 2010

Behind the scenes with Laura Ingraham!

Behind the scenes off air problems with Laura Ingraham while getting ready to host on Fox News sometime in May.

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Santelli Simple Answer to Government Deficit: 'Stop Spending, Stop Spending, Stop Spending!'

CNBC CME Group floor reporter argues with senior economics reporter Steve Liesman that the government can't tax the nation into prosperity. He yells on camera: 'Stop Spending, Stop Spending, Stop Spending!' This is YOUR children's money Washington continues to spend folks! If you care at all, then you know what to do this November!

Jeff Sessions Opening Statement Blasts Kagan!

"Ms. Kagan has never tried a case before a jury." Did anyone expect Obama to nominate someone with more experience than himself, like his previous nominees have....not!

Lara Logan Explains how Rolling Stone Hit Piece on McChrystal was Journalistic Malpractice!

The very attractive CBS News war correspondent Lara Logan does a masterful job of explaining how the Rolling Stone piece was editorialized with an agenda. They even admitted how they gained trust under false pretences.

S.E. Cupp in "pink" on fiscal conservatism!

Author S.E. Cupp (w/ hair down, neckline plunging and shoulders exposed) on the why fiscal conservatism is the key to a long political career. "In the US, spending has become just so acceptable!" Men: Pay attention to what she says! ;-)

GE CEO collapses as Vice President Biden speaks at GE Applicance Park!

Vice President Joe Biden is in Kentucky and he spoke at GE's Appliance Park about the federal stimulus program. While Biden was speaking, CEO of Jim Campbell GE Applicances and Lighting CEO collapsed. Source: http://www.whas11.com/video/featured-videos/Vice-President-Biden-speaks-at-GE-Applicance-Park-97309684.html

Bret Baier: Big loss for Democrats?

Bret Baier comments on how Sen. Byrd's death may affect financial regulation vote! The financial reform bill may now be short of the 60 votes needed to pass.

Time-Lapse Video of Gulf Oil Spill!

A time-lapse movie shows oil from spill spreading in the Gulf of Mexico, using images from NASA satellites.

New Orleans adult clubs asking for BP Compensation!

Kenneth Feinberg on whether New Orleans adult club deserves compensation. "Since fisherman can no longer afford to frequent the club, are they also entitled to compensation?" I would say: Let's take it a step further into "real" compassion: How about the local panhandling community who no doubt has also been hit hard due to BP's negligence, don't they also deserve compensation?

FOX NEWS - Gearing Up for Troopathon 2010!

Move America Forward's third annual Troopathon is a nationwide campaign to send the largest shipment of care packages to our troops in history. The effort centers on an 8 hour live webcast July 1st, 2010 at Troopathon.org with pro-troop celebrities coming together to support our troops.
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Breaking Down the BP Shakedown!

Stuart Varney and The Judge get down to brass tacks on the economic effect of the drilling ban moratorium that was lifted. "You are going to have a ban on drilling....resulting in minimum 20,000 jobs lost!" Further hope and change from the White House!

Stecklerdog: Corruption watchdog!

From WPTV NBC5 West Palm Beach: Sheryl Steckler starts today as the county's first county corruption "watchdog".

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Sarah Palin Protest at CSU Stanislaus!

Sarah Palin supporters meet the Sarah Palin protesters on 6/25/2010.

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