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Monday, January 10, 2011

Corker: Congress Must Agree to Cut Spending Before Debt Ceiling Vote!

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Appearing on CNBC's "Kudlow Report," Senator Bob Corker says Congress must agree to cut federal spending before a looming vote to increase the debt ceiling. Corker plans to reintroduce bipartisan legislation this year that would establish a binding cap on federal spending as a percentage of the overall economy or gross domestic product (GDP).

World Debut of All-New 2012 VW Passat in Chattanooga!

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The VW Passat was unveiled just a few minutes ago. VW says the production of the new mid sized and American version, of the Passat will generate 2,000 direct jobs and 10,000 indirect jobs for Chattanooga and the rest of the US! Senator Bob Corker is currently being interviewed on our local station and is literally broken up with tears of happiness.

Designed in Germany and made in America, the Passat was developed as a larger vehicle with premium features and handling characteristics that will perfectly match it with the tastes and lifestyles of Americans. It will be built in Chattanooga, Tenn., at the world's newest, most advanced and environmentally responsible auto assembly plant. Here is an aerial tour:

The unveiling occurred despite the great Chattanooga Blizzard of 2011 which has dumped 6-12 inches of snow throughout the greater Chattanooga area! Poor little Cocoa will attest to this:

Did 'Vitriol' on Airwaves Trigger Arizona Attack?

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Megyn Kelly interviews Arizona Sheriff Clarence Dupnick on Jarad Loughner: "There is no way to rationalize irrational behavior". (In response to those who would suggest that "vitriolic" statements on radio and TV are to blame.) Kelly, in her subtleties, goes at Dupnik 4 specific times, all while remaining calm & focused, drawing attention to THE FACT that it is Dupnik himself, who is responsible for the use of "vitriolic rhetoric" to make a political statement about this senseless crime.

Megyn Kelly also interviewed James Rosen and Peter Johnson Jr. about the personal disorder of Jared Lee Loughner.

What's the Biggest Threat to Free Speech?

Hi-Tech cars and robots coming to a neighborhood near you!

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How would you like to drive this to work (Click to watch video):
It's the GM EN-V PUMA Jiao Xiao Vehicles revealed at the 2011 CES Las Vegas 1-7-11

Will 2011 turn into the year of robots and Artificial Intelligence? (Click to watch video)
In South Korea, a school is using robots to teach English to children. The robots are remotely guided by teachers in the Philippines. In China, a hot-pot restaurant is using 40 robots as servers and receptionists.


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