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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Parody flashback: Every Cent You Make (I'll be taxing you)!

A blast from the past. The year is 2009. Barack Obama's purpose in his presidency: To advance socialism, to tax the hell out of everyone, and take away as many freedoms of the American people as possible in four years. It looks like he's taken a large bite of of his goals and our paychecks. Enjoy this parody from Paul Shanklin: Every Cent You Make (I'll be taxing YOU!)

Obama Contraception Policy Endangering Religious Freedom!

JAKE TAPPER: You’ve written about this, especially on Twitter … a great deal when it comes to the Obama administration’s healthcare ruling when it pertains to contraception. You objected to that initially. They dialed it back. How are you with what they called an accommodation? Were you okay with that? Or no?

RICK WARREN: Well, no, I’m not, because in the first place, there is a redefinition from freedom of religion to phrases — now you hear people talking about freedom of worship. That means it's limiting what the church does to only what happens in the one hour on Sunday morning as worship. In other words, if I have a school, which is part of my commission as a church, education, or if I had a clinic which is part of my — the Bible says Jesus went into every village, preaching, teaching, and healing. He didn’t just care about the spirit. He cared about the mind and the body, and you go into almost any country, the first school and the first hospital were founded by the missionaries, almost every country in the world. You go to Africa, 25 percent of the healthcare is done by Catholics.

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