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Friday, August 20, 2010

Mark Levin - STOP TEARING DOWN AMERICA!! - Stop Obama!

Mark Levin tells the leftists democrats to stop tearing down America. We must stop Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid. The Ground Zero Mosque is a slap in the face to those who died on September 11th. We must speak out. Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and others are the modern day Paul Revere's. Get informed and get involved folks. Support conservative Republicans that are willing to speak out and take on these tyrannical liberals. BOYCOTT THE DEMOCRAT PARTY. Enough is enough. Audio is from marklevinshow.com on 08/18/10.

Rush Limbaugh: Ground Zero Mosque: Is Obama a Muslim?

According to a recent Pew Research Center poll 1 in 5 Americans think that Obama is a Muslim. What do you think? Here is Rush's opinion on the matter:

Rush Limbaugh - Imam Obama is a Muslim Poll!

The second half of Rush's comments about Obama being born Muslim- Rush quoting a NY Times article from 2008.

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