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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Unions hold massive rally outside Conservative Party conference!

London, England:
"The global recession and the banking crisis have left the United Kingdom with the largest national debt since world war II. The new government -- made of a Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition, has vowed to cut the £900 billion deficit with deep cuts in public spending -- causing anger and fear amongst the hundreds of thousands of civil service workers who could soon lose their jobs. Many of the unions representing these workers held a rally in Birmingham today. Correspondent Fareena Alam was there and sent us this report."

Penn State YAF Rallies for Jobs & Liberal Professor Attacks Calling Conservative Ideas Crap!

Penn state YAF Young Americans for Freedom Rallies for Jobs during Vice-President Joe Biden's visit. A Liberal professor verbally assaults students calling their arguments "crap" whilst sipping his latte'. Are we really suprised?

What is YAF?
President Ronald Reagan, YAF's Honorary National Chairman from 1962-2004, addresses members of Young Americans for Freedom www.YAF.com at their 1975 convention. Every word he says still holds true today.

Dick Blumenthal Stumped On How To Create A Job!

Democratic Candidate Dick Blumenthal can't answer to a simple question: "How do you create a job?" His opponent for Governor of Connecticut, Linda McMahon answers the question with ease.

Barack Obama and Sarah Palin Are Both Playable Characters in NBA Jam

EA Sports’ rebooted NBA Jam hits stores today, and the company has revealed that it’ll be continuing one of the popular basketball gaming franchise’s long-standing traditions: Playable politicians. On the Republican side, you’ll be able to suit up as George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, John McCain, and Dick Cheney; meanwhile, there’ll also be a Democratic roster of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and Al Gore.
Source: http://www.geekosystem.com/nba-jam-obama-palin/

Bolivian president knees political rival in groin in friendly soccer match!

“I passed the ball and, suddenly, I got hit, and not for the first time,” Morales said, pointing out his injury to photographers after the match which ended 4-4 and with Cartagena sent off. Morales said he was left with a “bruise on the inside of the right leg" and would be forced to undergo a course of “anti-inflammatories, painkillers and rest.”

When he was fouled, the president swiftly retaliated with a knee to the groin of Cartegena, which sent the rival crumpling to the ground, the television station showed.

According to the Bolivian Government, Morales will require “three or four days of rest."

Source: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/international/bolivian_president_knees_political_Bwp9M9XY2MD65AzCRc1VoJ#ixzz11UX2vPtS

Rush Limbaugh: Are 91% Of Blacks Racist For Supporting Obama?

Betcha the "left" never asks this question!

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Mondale to Obama: Ditch the 'idiot boards'!

“He uses these idiot boards to read speeches in television, and I think he loses the connection that he needs emotionally with American voters,” Mondale said in an interview set to air this evening on CNN’s The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, according to a transcript from the network.

“Idiot board” is a term used in television and movie production to refer to boards held up for performers to read off.

“If you’re looking at the teleprompter, you’re here, you’re here, you’re here and you’re — your audience is right there,” Mondale said. “And I think he needs to do more of that.”

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