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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wilders: Islamization of Europe Can Happen in America!

May 09, 2012 - WASHINGTON -- Dutch politician Geert Wilders has been labeled "Islam's public enemy number one." Consequently, he lives every day under a death sentence from Islamic jihadist groups like al Qaeda. Wilders never walks the streets without a security detail and he and his wife must live in safe houses across the Netherlands. It's the price he pays for speaking out against the Islamization of Europe. "I don't want to live - and my children to live - in a country based on Sharia law," Wilders told CBN News. "It's the worst thing that could happen. Democracy would end the day after Sharia was implemented." "If you walk through the streets of Amsterdam or Rotterdam or any other city in the Netherlands, you see that it has changed completely," he said. "People often don't feel at home anymore, don't feel safe anymore." "There should not be Islamic schools," he opined. "There should not be more mosques in our free society because they represent an ideology of hate to be compared with fascism and communism."
Wilders' message resonates with many Dutch who are fed up with massive Muslim immigration. His Freedom Party is now the third largest in Holland. His popularity only increased after he was found not guilty on hate speech charges in a Dutch court last year. Wilders explained that what keeps him going in the face of such adversity is the need save his country from the cancer of "cultural relativism."

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