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Monday, March 29, 2010

What's Wrong With A Little Socialism, you ask???

On Friday, March 19th outside the Evanston, Illinois office of Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, a few people turned out for an impromptu protest. The scene turned dramatic as a couple of Obama supporters tossed around accusations of racism, called everyone idiots, and asked the absurd question: "What's wrong with a little bit of Socialism?" This may make your blood boil and cause you to shout at your laptop!

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Caught on Video: Sen. Reid Supporters Throw Eggs at Tea Party Express Bus!

Supporters of Democrat Senator Harry Reid throw eggs at the Tea Party Express bus and threaten to attack Andrew Breitbart. "Get him out of here or I'm going to jail today."

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C-SPAN Caller Complains: Too Many Black People Call In!

"I can't believe that this is just an accident."

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‘See You in November’: Viral Hitmaker Offers Musical Pink Slip to Democrats!

You talked a good game but well remember
How you voted when push came to shove
Damn right well see you in November
Until then well be taking off the gloves
(Nancy and Harry replaced your spine
Next stop is the unemployment line)

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