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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The National Race to Defund ObamaCare!

On October 1st, millions of Americans will be required to enroll in Obamacare and could lose access to their doctors and be forced to pay higher premiums and higher taxes. But there's still time to stop it. Republicans in Congress can stop Obamacare if they refuse to fund it.

The following salient videos discussing the defunding of ObamaCare were posted at random on YouTube, August 28, 2013:

Defund Obamacare Town Hall Wilmington NC
Amazing turnout of engaged citizens from both sides of the isle! Obamacare with have serious negative impacts for all and it doesn't matter if you're Democrat, Republican, man, woman, black, white or purple. The cost of care is already skyrocketing, the quality and timeliness of care will plummet.
Rand Paul on Defunding Obamacare and Revitalizing Detroit Without A Bailout
Ted Cruz on Sean Hannity Show Syria, Defunding Obamacare
Heritage on Defunding Obamacare 
Michael Needham, CEO of Heritage Action for America, and Jim DeMint, former U.S. Senator and president of Heritage, speak to reporter before a town hall meeting in Columbus, where they promoted efforts to defund Obamacare.

Drones over Chicago schools?

Chicago alderman George Cardenas is proposing the city use drones to buzz through the skies as part of an effort to keep students safe while walking to school. "We could use the help.! Why not use drones in safe passage.?? There is no doubt technology is migrating from military use. ... It's going to take time to find those uses in an urban environment. It is, however, the future and I think people will want to take that leap. I think eventually we’re going to have to look at this technology."

Here's what ordinary citizens think of the idea:
  • Drones could be used to follow Chicago's aldermen around to see if they are doing their job.
  • Interesting how there's willingness to spend on anything BUT schools.
  • Elect the arrogant apostles of secular socialism and you get what they dish...democrats care about nothing but $$$ to run again and power over people...their toxic policies naturally rot a nation, state or city...see Detroit after 40 years of democrat monster gov-meant/hi taxes/debt and so on....
  • Yet another policing and physical capital solution. The only way to keep kids safe is through human and moral capital development. This is on tough work. Why aren't political leaders talking about work force development?
  • Ok, lets cut music, art, libraries and all forms of enrichment out of the schools along with PE, but the city will be able to fly drones over the city at $75 an hour? CPD has trouble identifying suspects in neighborhoods so now they will have video? Oh yes, Cardenas probably has a relative or friend that has a company that could supply the drones to CPS / CPD, if he isn't an investor.
  • Apparently this guy didn't get the memo that Chicago is F'ing bankrupt.
  • Hey alderman. Why don't you walk with the kids to make sure they are safe? You know, be one of Michelle's walking 'school buses'.
  • Drones? How about imposing discipline at schools and requiring parents to be more attentive to their kids. How stupid can this man gets. Everything to the government including the obligations of parents to watch their kids.
  • Alderman, we already have enough protection for our kids if we'd use it. It's called mothers and fathers.
  • ...or you could let your citizens have the right to be armed and take care of the street punks themselves!
  • What is a drone supposed to do? Catch a bullet?
  • Lunacy, but it is Chicago. What exactly are the drones suppose to do after the fact? Shoot a hell fire missile and do more collateral damage Utter refusal to face the real problem and it is not panacea of the the left, more gun control.
  • There is no expectation of privacy on public property, so anyone caught violating ordinance, or statute on a drone's camera is in legal jeopardy, be they child, adult, or cop!
  • How about having some real programs to educate young black men, help them find meaningful employment and get them out of gangs?
  • The solution is always pour "more money" into a dysfunctional school system, right? If You want to see kids' education improve, let parents take their education money to whichever schools they choose, public or private. Competition is an effective method for weeding out schools that can't perform adequately. The days of bloated government telling people where and how to educate their children need to come to an end! Power to the people! That's the kind of hope and change we need.

Responses to Obama comparing MLK to Jesus!

"When you are talking about Dr. King's speech at the March on Washington, you're talking about one of the maybe five greatest speeches in American history," Obama said recently on the Tom Joyner Morning Show. "And the words that he spoke at that particular moment, with so much at stake, and the way in which he captured the hopes and dreams of an entire generation, I think, is unmatched." DeWayne Wickham from the USA TODAY said he overheard Obama say to someone standing nearby: "Man, can you believe they have me speaking tomorrow, 50 years to the day of the greatest speech ever given. That's like following Jesus."
Even Google got in the mix!

A few average Americans spoke their mind in response:
  • I don't think Jesus committed adultery like MLK did..
  • If Jesus did a doctoral dissertation I don't think he would plagiarize like MLK did. 
  • Except for the adultery (King) and the Ressurection (Jesus)...maybe some more differences if you think about it,but those two make a pretty big difference. Reminds me of Obama's expertise on history and geography...
  • Dr. King asked US to judge men by their character, and not their color - so the mess we are in today is because we are.............
  • I HAVE A DREAM that one day people of ALL races religions and creeds will set aside the burdens of old injustices, and recognize that vengeance is the Lords.
  • I HAVE A DREAM that people who have been oppressed in the past will recognize that petitioning the government and it's leaders for retribution in the form of government services, only leads to bondage and slavery to that same government.
  • I HAVE A DREAM that one day we all REALLY will not judge each other by the color of our skin, but by the nature of OUR CHARACTER, and I pray that ALL people will be given the ability to discern good character from bad.
  • Funny, MLK was supposedly a ' Reverend ' but he never proclaimed the Gospel, never focused on his people's Salvation and things above but rather on the mundane. Nobody quotes a sermon of his where he moved people to trust Christ. I guess black ' Reverends' like MLK, Jesse J and Al Sharpton dont even need to be actual Christians or even preachers - just activists. 
  • I AM FURIOUS that IT said that. DO NOT COMPARE JESUS TO ANYONE! Seems funny that some forget what King was really up to and did. 
  • The "Peace Prize Winner" is ready to start his SECOND war. 

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