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Friday, December 4, 2009

Presidential gaffes!

Everyone enjoys a good laugh, so here are three very entertaining video blooper compilations of mistakes, goofs and misstatements beginning with the current President:

Now the man who is one (of Obama's) heartbeat from actually being President (scary, isn't it!):

In the spirit of fairness here is a compilation of George Bush's mistakes and blunders:

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Cartoon: The Obama bedroom!

Michelle suddenly realizes: "I get to have sex with the most powerful person in the world"!

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Obama Admin Dismisses Climategate Emails during Senate Hearing!

That's right! Dispense with the facts, they obstruct the gravy train of fantasy!

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Corrupt Leftist Barbara Boxer: You Know What the Real Issue Is In Climate-gate? E-mail Theft

Barbera Boxer says "opponents of climate change who have "failed" at rebuking it's backdrop of undisputed "solid" science are now using stolen emails to attack climate scientists directly". As if!!! This corruptive, vacuous thinking on Boxer's part of overlooking evidence, which reveals proir deceit and misinformation, exposes her rock solid personal agenda. It's all about money- billions in fact! This, in my opinion, violates her oath as a Senator which is to serve the people "us" instead of special interest groups/agenda. It's quite sickening, in fact!

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Racy window display drawing crowds in New York City!

Too much 'X" and too much "Oh"? This is our own New York City folks, the bastian of liberalism! The envelope continues to br pushed left.

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