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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Rory Reid Admits Obamacare Was Politically Motivated & Won't Bring Down Costs!

During a televised debate Nevada Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Rory Reid admits Obamacare was politically motivated and will not bring down costs. Nothing like throwing your Dad and his boss under the bus! He must want to be elected really, really bad.

From thehill.com:
Rory Reid: Healthcare reform could end up hurting Nevada.
“During a televised debate, Rory Reid, the son of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), said he does not support the legal challenges against the health overhaul. Yet, he does believe that President Obama’s signature achievement could negatively affect Nevada.”

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Barack Obama lookalike candidate!

He likes Obama and is a dead ringer for him but is sick of people telling him so. Location unknown. Freeze frame at 0:06 seconds and see of you agree. "We love going out with Mitch because we feel famous!"

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Ousted CNN anchor Rick Sanchez claimed "in primetime, there's not a single Hispanic. There's not a single African-American." GMA co-host Stephanopolous corrected the record.

H/T Breitbart
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