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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Code Red Target List!

Stop the Obama/ Pelosi Government Heathcare takeover!

Rush Limbaugh not only called President Obama "essentially a third world president" today while sounding off on health care legislation, but also gave out the Capitol switchboard number on air. Limbaugh's urging listeners to contact their members of Congress in a push against health care. RedState's Erick Erickson said on Twitter that it's the "2nd time in history" that Limbaugh's tried mobilizing listeners in this way. Fox News

Here is a view of how each representative voted last November and their current status. Make sure they hear from you.
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Clyburn: But 60 Senators Have Already Voted For This Bill!

"That is one of the ways that's being discussed. And that's a way that's been used at least a hundred times since I've been here in Congress and I've only been here 18 years."

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Health Care: Who Are the Undecided Voters?

ABC News: To get the needed 216 votes in the House, Democratic leaders are focusing their efforts on the 37 lawmakers who voted against the health care bill the first time around. So far, 21 of those members of Congress haven't changed their mind, 16 are either undecided or won't say how they are going to vote, and none have said they would vote "Yes."

NewsBusters: Financial guru Jim Cramer says ObamaCare would: break the federal budget; cause federal income tax rates to rise to 50-60%; and cause capital gains and dividends to be taxed like ordinary income [i.e., at those 50-60% rates instead of the current 5-15%].

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