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Thursday, January 27, 2011

American Idol's Chris Medina's Heart Warming Audition!

Folks, American Idol fan or not, you need to watch Chris Medina's testimony before even singing a note for his American Idol audition....which he did well, by the way. Chris is a national reminder to us that there are still people in this world who take love and commitment seriously.....and permanently. Caution: You will need a tissue for this one.

Rush Limbaugh: The Haney Project Videos and The Justice Brothers at the Oscars!

Here are a few media goodies from Rush's show today starting with this hilarious audio clip:
The Justice Brothers investigate this years Oscars:
Parody: The Justice Brothers on the Oscars

Concerning Rush's Golf channel endeavour, Rush said:

The TV ratings for the Obama State of Union show were down over last year, significantly down. The Golf Channel ratings for the same time, nine o'clock on Tuesday night, I just heard this morning, were a record high. Voila! I mean if that's not a great thing, I don't know what it is. And I want to thank all of you for making it happen out there.

Here are a few video clips from the show:
Hooking It Out of the Sand:

Analyzing Rush's Putting Stroke:

Bonus video: Behind the Scenes at EIB Southern Command:

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Reid to Obama: Load up on more earmarks!

Harry Reid told ABC's Jonathan Karl President that Obama is wrong when it comes to his supposed 'earmark ban' promised during his State of the Union address. Reid says he already has enough power- and thinks he's trying to undercut the power of congress. (Courtesy Eyeblast.tv)

In this clip additional Harry Reid said that Obama is ‘stealing power‘, and the solution is to load up on more earmarks. According to Reid, they have a Constitutional duty to do ‘congressional spending.’

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