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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Palin: We Cannot Continue on Road Toward Socialism!

Former Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin on the Greek bailout and the need for financial reform. "America is in an awesome position now where we can watch what's happening in Greece....and know that we cannot repeat those steps.We cannot continue on road toward socialism!"

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Byrd: The Filibuster is Not a Right Intended to be Abused!

Senator Robert Byrd spoke today before the Senate Rules Committee about the importance of Senate rules but the need to reign the abuses of them. "I share the profound frustration of my constituents and colleagues as we confront this situation. The challenges before our nation are far too grave, and too numerous, for the Senate to be rendered impotent to address them, and yet be derided for inaction by those causing the delay," said Byrd.

Mexican President Knocks Arizona Law From White House Lawn!

ABC News: Mexican President Felipe Calderon took the unusual step Wednesday morning of criticizing an American law while visiting the White House, saying cooperation is needed to fix the US-Mexican immigration issue but "such laws as the Arizona law that is forcing our people to face discrimination. If we are divided, we cannot overcome these problems."

Obama: Arizona Law Is ‘Misdirected Effort’

LA Times: With the president of Mexico at his side, President Obama on Wednesday called for a comprehensive immigration overhaul, and the two leaders lashed out at a new law in Arizona that critics have labeled as anti-immigrant.

GOP Blocks Hagan's Payday Lender Amendment!

"We're not saying that these loans cannot be given, but that recurring debt is what should be stopped..."

Rand Paul: ‘We’ve Come to Take Our Government Back’!

"A message that is loud and clear."
Paul's triumph represents the biggest victory of the 2010 election season for the Tea Party movement, which joined forces with supporters of Paul's father, former presidential candidate Ron Paul, to overwhelm Grayson and his backers in the state's GOP establishment.

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