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Friday, January 14, 2011

FLASHBACK: Bill Clinton's Tear for Ron Brown in 1996!

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Rush Limbaugh talks about Bill Clinton's seemingly fake tears at the Ron Brown memorial: Clinton is laughing, telling a joke...spots the camera, them...BAM....here come the tears. The guy next to him is still smiling!

Can you believe this: Look for this controversial mobile billboard in Palm Beach, FL....no doubt paid for by the Democratic National Committee.

The Tyranny Of Nice: Kathy Shaidle!

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For those of you who do not know my fellow conservative blogger Kathy Shaidle (http://www.fivefeetoffury.com/), you would do well to stop by her blog and peruse her daily entries. To get a real feel for Kathy on live TV, I've included an old interview taped in 2008 with her and Pete Vere discussing their book "The Tyranny Of Nice' from. In this clip they discuss (occasional Rush Limbaugh fill-n host) Mark Steyn and his 2007 article "The Future Belongs to Islam," published in Maclean's magazine and the controversy which ensued.... 

Kathy Shaidle started blogging in 2000, at RelapsedCatholic. In 2007, she set up FiveFeetOfFury as the home for her "irreverent rants" (wink, wink). Her first book was nominated for the Governor General’s Award (Poetry) in 2007. She also co-wrote The Tyranny of Nice, a Conservative Book Club selection in 2009.

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