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Thursday, September 2, 2010

CNN Uses Profanity-Laced ANONYMOUS Quote To Smear Palin!

"And in a delicious piece of irony, after showing the quote on the air the CNN's anchors piously question Vanity Fair reporter Michael Joseph Gross on the journalistic ethics of using the exact same quote in his article." (Breitbart)

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Democratic Gov. on Beck Rally: ‘It’s a Free Country, I Wish It Weren’t’!

....then by all means please leave Deval!!!
Gov. Deval Patrick of Massachusetts has said in response to the Glenn Beck 'Restoring Honor' rally that it's a free country, and that he's not all that happy about that fact. Patrick said "It's a free country, I wish it weren't.The clip was posted by Michael Graham from Boston's WTKK in which the Gov. was answering a question about the rally.

Really? Liberal Caller Accuses Limbaugh Guest Host of Opposing Obama Agenda!

A Liberal caller accuses Rush Limbaugh Show guest host, Mark Belling, of opposing the Obama Agenda. Belling's response: "no kidding, we don't support what he's trying to do." In fact, according to recent polls fewer and fewer Americans do!

Murfreesboro VS. Muslims!

A proposed Islamic center and mosque in Murfreesboro Tennessee has become a hot-button political issue and made national headlines.Construction vehicles used to break ground for the mosque were vandalized and one was set afire. A day later, the Rutherford County Sheriff's Office investigated a report about shots fired at the site. A candlelight vigil was later held In response to the mosque violence. Jackie and Dunlap have remained strangely silent on these events in their home town, until now that is.

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