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Thursday, December 30, 2010

The North Dakota winter blizzard 100 car pileup Al Gore won't be talking about!

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Seriously, this is no joking matter:
The North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) has CLOSED I-29 both northbound and southbound roadways from the South Dakota border to Grand Forks due to high winds causing near zero visibility. Conditions are such that they are creating a life-threatening danger to motorists. The roadway is impassable and it is against the law to drive past a road closure device on a closed road. "It looks like a war zone out there!"
Here is video from local Valley News Live showing the carnage:

Here's another cold winter blast from the past:
Al Gore's Travelin' Global Warming Show!

FOX Sports NFL Commercial Mocks Obama TSA!

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The latest FOX Sports NFL commercial mocks the outrageous and intrusive procedures by Big Sis and the Obama TSA....and we love it!

Angry Passengers Gangrush Counter at Cleveland Airport:

New York City Tow truck pulverizes SUV after Blizzard!

This video shot from a window several stories above street level shows a New York City Tow truck pulverizing an SUV after this weeks blizzard. What makes it even funnier is the hilarious (adult) commentary which accompanies the video.

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