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Monday, August 16, 2010

Rep. Melissa Bean, IL8 sends in the thug!

At a town hall public forum, Rep. Bean sent a thug to intimidate citizens from asking questions. The event was held at Round lake, Illinois public library.

Rush Limbaugh: New Obama Slogan - Yes we did Destroy the Economy!

All of a sudden Obama is now pro-business???

CBN Murfreesboro Mosque!

Now in Murfreesboro, Tenn.: Opponents argue that a proposal for the mosque was never included in a public notice as done in the past with other construction plans. There's also concern over where funding for the mosque came from and individuals linked to the mosque who may have a connection to radical Islam.

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Obama & Black Theology!

This clip, one of a playlist of three clips, provides information about the origin and beliefs Black Liberation Theology, the doctrine of Obama's so-called "church" in Chicago, Trinity United Church of Christ. The truth about the origins or depth of racism of this doctrine is not being told by the media, even by "conservative" commentators, such as Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck. Black Liberation Theology is derived largely from the extreme racist "Black Theology" of the Black Nationalist movement, which is a genocidal cult religious movement that sees the white race as literally "Satan" and the black race as literally "God." This is an Adventist movement that sees Armageddon as a final conflict between the white and black races. After the destruction of the white race, lead by the Black Messiah, a utopian Kingdom will be created on earth, which will be a physical, theocratic (non-democratic) government. The black messiah is manifested in any man that leads the destruction of the white race and, according to their doctrine, there can be more than one Black Messiah at the same time. doctrine, there can be more than one Black Messiah at the same time.
Source: http://stopobamanowsd.wordpress.com/
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