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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Health Care Reform Not Finished!

Despite Obama signing the bill, it is not supposed to be a finished product...

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Obama Advisor Jim Wallis Explores Wealth, Marxism & Social Justice

"That's what the gospel is all about."
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Nine reasons your healthcare just went south!

Whether they like it or not, the nine individuals pictured below will be forever linked with providing the final nails in the coffin of what once was the greatest healthcare system of the world. Even though 219 Democrats ultimately voted for this horrid legislation this past Sunday, their faces will only be a distant backdrop to these nine. Although I respect the fact that they held fast against the demands of abortion rights advocates, ultimately they now may have opened up a “Pandora’s box” of future broken promises and “misinterpreted” assurances from our President.

It’s a matter of public record that President Obama is one of the most passionate supporters of abortion rights which our White House has ever seen. Therefore it seems painfully obvious to the rest of us that he “cannot” permanently lay aside his ambition to see abortion became the law of the land and certainly not in favor of a (possibly non-binding) Jonny-come-lately executive order which bans the use of federal funds for abortion. Have these nine been duped? More importantly, since when does the President have the sole authority to permanently supersede Senate legislation anyway?

Before we get to the faces of the nine, let me suggest that no voter or legislator can effectively have a “single issue” mindset. As much as I may disagree with abortion rights advocates, I vote for legislators based on the entirety of their campaign platform, not simply one issue. For if I did, if any of us did, nobody would receive any votes for obvious reasons. Even so, if this were any other piece of legislation, I might be more sympathetic to a single issue mindset, but this is a takeover of at least 20% of our nation’s economy and an embedding of Government regulations concerning OUR bodies at the cellular/ molecular level (practically)! For the first time in American history, her citizens will be FORCED to purchase something, whether we like it or not. We already have to pay out the nose in taxes, assessments and other income confiscations. Now we will have to buy government health care, whether we like it or not, in proportion to our ever dwindling take home pay!

The ramifications of this bill far exceed Obama’s whimsical executive order concerning the ban of federal funds used for abortion. As much as I detest abortion, the decision of these Senators to pass this bill should not have hinged on this issue alone. The livelihoods of generations of Americans are at stake! No doubt as the weeks progress further details will be unearthed as to “financial” promises these nine were offered to “seal the deal”. Won’t we be shocked!

It is for these reasons I hold the following specific legislators responsible for destroying the greatest healthcare system in the world. Remember their faces during the coming months as the quality of your healthcare disintegrates before your eyes. May God have mercy on their souls and ours!

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Judge Napolitano Weighs In: How Solid is Stupak’s ‘Executive Order’ Compromise?

"If Congressman Stupak thinks that the president's executive order can stop that, he is sadly mistaken." Does it settle the issue, or is it just a piece of paper?

Stupak Admits Obama Could Reverse Decision On Abortion Executive Order!

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