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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lessons from a regretful Obama voter!

Liberalism for this voter used to be about freedom. This is why she voted for "The Messiah" Barack Obama. But her journey over the past year and a half has "rocked her world" and she now has many regrets as she shares in this video taped during a conference at an undisclosed location.

"It is Mr. Obama and the Democrats who brought the failed policies and their deregulation that brought us here. I have yet to see our media openly discussing the large role our Government and Democratic lawmakers played in the economic collapse......they should not get all of the blame, just their fair share"

The liberal veil has been lifted and she can now see the truth face to face. No doubt there are countless other voters who would "amen" her sentiments which follow:

Lookie what else I found:
How Obama Got Elected... Interviews With Obama Voters!
www.HowObamaGotElected.com looks at how media coverage of the 2008 election impacted what Obama voters knew (or thought they knew) about the campaign.

Chicago Police Superintendent McCarthy: Government sponsored racism?

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy spoke to parishioners at St. Sabina Church earlier this month and made it clear that he does not like the right of Americans to bear arms. He said the following, among other things, amidst cheers of "Amen":

  • "So here’s what I want to tell you. See, let’s see if we can make a connection here. Slavery. Segregation. Black codes. Jim Crow. What, what did they all have in common? Anybody getting’ scared? Government sponsored racism."
  • "Now I want you to connect one more dot on that chain of the African American history in this country, and tell me if I’m crazy. Federal gun laws that facilitate the flow of illegal firearms, into our urban centers across this country, that are killing our black and brown children."
  • "The NRA does not like me, and I’m okay with that. We’ve got to get the gun debate back to center, and it’s got to come with the recognition of who’s paying the price for the gun manufacturers being rich and living in gated communities."

People don't kill people, guns do. Then again it's Chicago, what else did you expect? Are there any adults left out there......anywhere!

Michelle Obama thanks the Media for being BIASED!

And you thought only her husband was clueless:

In an interview with CNN, First Lady Michelle Obama thanks the media for their "support" and "kindness."

CNN reporter: "How's the family ready for this [the election]? It's going to be quite vicious, isn't it? How do you prepare for that?"

First Lady Michelle Obama: "You know, it's ... we're ready, you know. Our children, you know, could care less about what we're doing. We work hard to do that. Fortunately, we have help from the media. I have to say this: I'm very grateful for the support and kindness that we've gotten. People have respected their privacy and in that way, I think, you know, no matter what people may feel about my husband's policies or what have you, they care about children and that's been good to see."

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