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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Obama Parody: It's Bad -- And It's Nationwide!

Look at the pretty picture!

Audio clip of Paul Shanklin's all new parody: "It's Bad -- And It's Nationwide! "It's funny and it's right here.

Also today from 'The American Spectator':

The Winner: Rush Limbaugh  By  

"But lest there be any doubt, this fight will continue. Not all races were won last night -- not all races will ever be won. Harry Reid is still there. No one in all of American history has won a unanimous election -- with the solitary exception of George Washington. 2012 lies ahead. Fortunately for conservatives, for the Republican Party -- and America -- there is one certainty as this battle continues: Rush Limbaugh will be on the air. " http://spectator.org/archives/2010/11/03/the-winner-rush-limbaugh/

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Susana Martinez makes political history!

New Mexico voters made history Tuesday electing their first woman governor, Susana Martinez.

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Jan Brewer gives acceptance speech for AZ Governor!

"Tonight we foreclosed on a House that used to be run by Nancy Pelosi!"

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RNC on Election Wins and Looking Forward!

RNC Communications Director Doug Heye talks about and details the plan for the new Congress and the election wins late on election night.

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Rand Paul om election night: ‘We've come to take our Government back!’

Tea Party favorite Rand Paul's victory speech in Kentucky. This about sums up the mood of the Republican sweep last night. Praise the Lord!

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