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Sunday, September 12, 2010

"Tea Party" member at the 9/11 mosque protest screaming "Kill all the Muslims"!

Folks, the following video is a prime example of an acceptable axiom "You will know true TEA party patriots by their fruits". This amatuer video was taped at an anti-"ground zero" mosque event in downtown NYC just days ago. Mind you, this clip is loaded with the 'F' bomb and this dude is really ticked off. Amidst a crowd of other protesters, men and women alike, he proceeds to shout statements like "All you Muslums go the f*** back to Mecca" and "Let's burn some f***ing Qur'ans". You get the idea. Real helpful, dude. Not exactly a family event here.

Obviously this guy needed to and has the right to vent, but this type of hate will only serve to give birth to further hate and vitriol as the crowd grows. By no stretch of the imagination do all Muslums hate America or Americans. For this videographer to assume that this was in fact a TEA party partiot reveals that he himself is quick to assume that the voice of one represents the thoughts and values of a group of many! Yet, if he claims to be one, then shame on him! Let's keep it together. I for one, believe that there needs to be a bit more restraint at a public event such as this. Someone usually has a kid around, even if they shouldn't be there!

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Jesse Jackson backs mosque plan.....well duh!

Al Jazeera asks the Reverend Jesse Jackson and protests over plans for an Islamic centre to be built near Ground Zero in New York, signal rising Islamophobia in the US. Jesse Jackson's speech and pronunciation is getting so unintelligible that a translator is more or less required!

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