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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Where's the "D" for Democrat?

YouTuber XNcreative wonders why Democrat Paul Hodes from "New Hampsha" has conveniently lost his party affiliation. Let's do a "Where's Paul-O" and see if we can find spot it anywhere in this ad:

Nope, nothing there. We heard a lot about how everyone likes to spend money in Washington. Ya think, Paul? Let's try again and see if we can spot it:

Why, there it is! He's a really big "D"! Get ready for the Democrats, hiding their true identity to boost their already poor chances of re-election. Paul Hodes claims to be a FISCAL CONSERVATIVE! But is he really? You can find your answer here in an article today by Ed Morrissey at hotair.com.

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St. Louis Tea Party Liberal Asked To Leave Event!

From YouTuber "TETPhotoDude" shot on 9/12/10:  Holding a "TEA-O-CONS" sign (Hardy har har), this little ditzy blonde exclaims "I have the right to be here". She is promptly told to "get your ass out of here"!

La Rouche Supporters Infiltrate Tea Party Event with Obama/Hitler Signs!

Source: user 1787sasquatch on YouTube:
"On 9/12/2010, The Taxpayer March on Washington, a group of Lyndon Rouche supporters tried to misrepresent the march.

Thanks to TEA party people and Adam Brandon of Freedom Works for exposing these people."

Lesson: Don't believe everything you read or hear.....no matter what the locale!

Maher: I'm Against the Mosque...& Churches, Synagogues, Temples, AND Palin!

Posted at Townhall.com:
"The comedian pontificates on religions as "Fairy Tales" then goes after Sarah Palin because he is under the belief that Ms Palin wanted to have the government deny Muslims the right to practice their religion under the 1st Amendment. After an exhaustive search, we have been unable to find an instance where Ms. Palin advocated for the government to intervene in the free practice of religion, so we expect Mr. Maher will be issuing a correction and an apology soon.' Quote from Breitbart.com. Stupid is as stupid does!

Lila Rose Supports GAP!

Lila Rose, President of Live Action, speaks live at UC Berkely about her interviews with students concerning the "Genocide Awareness Project". She aslo discusses the "use of graphic images as part of movements for human rights".


Rush Explains The Leftist Nuts & Sluts Defense On Conservative Women!

"Status anxiety causes leftists and other elitists to oppose people like Sarah Palin and conservatives in general."

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