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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

David Blanchflower Calls Obama Tax Plan a `Good Move'!

David Blanchflower, an economics professor at Dartmouth College and a former Bank of England policy maker, talks about President Barack Obama's agreement with congressional Republicans on temporarily sustaining all the Bush-era tax cuts. Blanchflower, speaking with Margaret Brennan on Bloomberg Television's "InBusiness," also discusses Europe's debt crisis and the outlook for global markets. (Source: Bloomberg)

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Limbaugh: Obama Calls GOP Terrorists, Hostage Takers!

RUSH:  Well, the reality of losing the election has hit him on this.  Remember, it is significant that this is the first attempt to do more harm to the country he's failed at.  This is the first time he's been stopped, and of course -- of course -- we'll take that.  Our microphones are there. Let's listen to a little bit of this. He's got some female giving him some business here right now.  JIP it.

OBAMA:  -- going down because the economy is growing.  It's, uhhh -- and even though it's growing more slowly than I'd like.

RUSH:  Yeah.

OBAMA: It's still growing.

RUSH:  No, it's not.

OBAMA:  Now, uhhh... How fast... is gonna go down? (sic) How quickly the economy is gonna grow, when are, uh, private sector businesses gonna start making the investments in plant and equipment and actually start hiring people again?......
 Well, l-l-l-l-let -- let me -- let me use, uh, a couple of analogies. Um... I -- I've said before that I felt that the middle-class tax cuts were being held hostage to the high end tax cuts.

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S.E. Cupp: Defunding National Public Radio !!!

Sean Hannity interviews S.E. Cupp and Sally Kohn regarding the defunding of National Public Radio (NPR).

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WikiLeaks founder arrest warrant validated!

ITN News: Jennifer Robinson confirms UK police have validated an European arrest warrant for Julian Assange. Damn, where's the ACLU when you need them! ;-)

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(H/T Breitbart) Members of Congress on Monday called on President Obama to issue a public correction after he incorrectly labeled E pluribus unum the U.S.'s motto in a speech last month, rather than "In God We Trust." Nobody snubs as well as our President can!

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