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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cenk's Ugyur, the new face of MSNBC takes vulgar to a lower low!

Cenk Ugyur, usurper of Ed Schultz's 6 PM ET slot, hits a vulgar new low on MSNBC. The self-styled 'Young Turk' uses a variation of the f-word in fulminating about Paul Ryan's response to the SOTU. Dem congresswoman Jan Schakowsky calls Ryan's remarks "vicious." Well, ok then Cenk! I think we can determine what else to expect from you on your new MSNBC gig based on your previous body of work. Let's take a stroll down Ugyur Lane:

Dec. 28th on MNSBC, Cenk Ugyur says that John Bolton, if he could, "would like to invade Uranus."

Nov. 4th on MSNBC, Cenk Uygur claimed former President George W. Bush confessed to committing "war crimes" in his new memoir, "Decision Points."

Aug 4th on MSNBC, Cenk Unger used his daily "Cenk's Take" segment to rewrite the history   books, railing against conservatives and claiming that national gay marriage is "inevitable."

Does America really need or want a host who spews forth this kind of vitriol!

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