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Friday, June 4, 2010

No Sex Please, We're British!

England soccer manager imposes no sex rule for World Cup team.

Private Sector Adds Just 41K Jobs in May!

CNBC: The Labor Department's new employment snapshot released Friday suggested that outside of the burst of hiring of temporary census workers by the federal government many private employers are wary of bulking up their work forces.

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Oil Washes Ashore Florida Beaches!

ABC News: "We are getting more and more equipment, we have 1,000 responders, in fact a little over 1,000 responders standing by should something hit the beach."
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Fox and Friends Solicit Kellie Pickler!

Here's the spin from the out of touch folks over at: http://thinkprogress.org/2010/06/04/wallace-pickler-services/
Today on Fox and Friends, Brian Kilmeade — who insists that sexism no longer exists — tried to solicit country singer Kellie Pickler for Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace, who was tickled when she said she knew who he was:

KILMEADE: The fact of the matter is, I do want your job, and I am willing to make an offer to you. Kellie Pickler, are you out there? Will you do me a favor, and offer your services to Chris Wallace?

City to Residents...Pay up or live in the Dark...What the hell do we pay taxes for?

From News 13 in Sacramento: Marysville is considering dimming street lights at night to save on electricity costs, but some are worried about safety concerns. Residents can pay a fee to keep them on but some say this discriminates against but poorer residents! “I thought that’s what we paid taxes for”! Neda Iranpour reports.


"This is an example where somebody didn’t think through the consequences of their actions.”

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