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Monday, April 5, 2010

Reid Mocks Palin During Speech!

"I was going to give a few remarks on the people who were over here a week ago Saturday, but I couldn't find it written all over my hands."

Is this any suprise based on the Democrat Rules of Civility and Decorum:

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"Lies, smears, and the Leftist Politics of Fear" vs. The Truth About The Tea Party!

Radicals march and protest, but it is against America as the Founders established it. Tea Partiers march and protest for the Founders vision! Radicals burn the flag, Tea Partiers pledge allegiance to it. They vilify the military, Tea partiers profoundly support it; they call the police pigs, we cheer the police; they promote destructive lifestyles, Tea Partiers celebrate traditional lifestyles and work ethic! Here is the real truth about the tea party movement:

Off-the-Hook Hypocrisy: Rep. Waters Used to Love ‘Vulgar’ & ‘Outlandish’ Protest Rallies!

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