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Friday, August 6, 2010

GOP’s Graham: Jesus’s ‘Golden Rule’ Compelled Me to Vote for Kagan!

From CNSNews: The idiot of the week award goes to: “It is called the Golden Rule,” said Lindsey Grahamnesty. “‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’ That is probably one of the most powerful statements ever made. It is divine in its orientation, and it is probably something that would serve us all well if we thought about it at moments such as this."

Why You've Never Heard of the Great Depression of 1920!

Why You've Never Heard of the Great Depression of 1920 Thomas E. Woods, Jr., from the Mises Circle event "The Great Depression: What We Can Learn From It Today." Professor Woods, author of MELTDOWN.

Pro-Bush tax cuts Evan Bayh on MSNBC's "Andrea Mitchell Reports"!

Senator Bayh talks to Andrea Mitchell about extending tax cuts. Micthell asks why the wealthy upper class, who "sit on their money", should be given a tax break (After all, this is MSNBC). DEMOCRAT Evan Bayh says that the economy is too weak to let those "evil" Bush tax cuts expire. To err on the side of "more stimulus for the economy" is the human thing to do! He gets it, she never will.

Protesting Obama: Truthers & Oath-Keepers in Chicago!

Waiting for the Presidential motorcade in front of the Palmer House on August 5. A bunch of "Oath Keepers" are interviewed in regards to their thoughts concerning Obama. Good intentioned yet somewhat "scary" people in this particular clip.

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Post First Black President Syndrome!

Great lines from MBNBC, the network nobody watches:
"Obama is enough to make a lot of progressives, including me (says the host) wonder if we could have better off with President Hillary Clinton." That statement brought to you by a completely unbiased (wink, wink) MSNBC host.
Then liberal commentator and MSNBC contributor Karen Hunter said that President Soetoro is not getting the credit he deserves because Americans are suffering from "Post-Traumatic First African-American President Syndrome". Of course she coupled that with the token statement, "He's done more in two years than any other President since 1930." Trouble is, nobody knows exactly what that is!

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