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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Alex Jones Confronts Michelle Malkin at The DNC!

Alex Jones clearly demostrates why he is a BIG FAT JERK! Here is why you should stay away from him and INFOWARS at all costs! Real conservatives love you Michelle!!!

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Michelle Malkin: Things are not what they seem to be!

I saw this live this morning: The dazzling Michelle Malkin explains how the left twists stories around long before the real facts are known. Their knee jerk reactions, and what they publish on their lame old blogs try to give the impression that various crimes are perpetrated by the right-wing extremists, When it is found out that they have the story completely wrong, they are unwilling to retract their stories.

Michelle looks (and sounds) really good:

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Taiwanese Anime Team Feature Gutfeld’s Gay Bar in Ground Zero MosqueTreatment!

In another of their on-going hilarious interpretations of current events in America, the team at NMA News has tackled the Ground Zero Mosque controversy and included a reference to Greg Gutfeld's plan for an adjacent gay bar.
Courtesy: Breitbart

Is Barack Obama anti-American?

David Limbaugh discusses this and much more in his exclusive interview with HUMAN EVENTS. David's new book "CRIMES AGAINST LIBERTY" will no doubt be a bestseller.....especially with his brother El Rushbo touting it on his radio show.

DNC Spokesperson Doesn't Know Alaskan Dem Candidate's Name!

When asked on ABC's Top Line show DNC Spokesman Brad Woodhouse didn't know the Democrat U.S. Senate candidate's name.

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War Planes- American Flag- 6 Pilots- to Honor Rush Limbaugh!

This is a story of Rush Limbaugh getting a Fed ex delivery of an American flag folded properly, certificates with pictures of war planes, a spectacular Family and a very brave boy.

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