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Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Tom McClintock interview in regards to his Calderon comments!

KFI 640 hosts John and Ken interview Tom McClintock after his response to Felipe Calderon's atrocious speech before Congress. http://KFIam640.com
"Ultimately this is a warning to the American people that we get the Government that we vote for!"

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Sam Donaldson Defends Calderon, Compares Arizona To Tienanmen Square!

From ABC's Roundtable: Donaldson actually defends Mexico's president and compares the Arizona bill to Tienanmen Square, but Jake Tapper takes him To task.

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The victory of Republican Charles Djou in a special election in Hawaii’s First Congressional District – the heavily Democratic district where President Obama grew up – is a welcome political reversal for the GOP.

In 2008, Mr. Obama took the district with 70 percent of the vote, and no Hawaiian congressional district had returned a Republican for 20 years.

"What I did, and what he has done, is told people in a very sincere way, 'I'll do what's best for everybody, I'm not going to go with any special interest, even if it's my own party sometimes that might want me to do a certain thing,' " Governor Lingle told the Advertiser.

Here's a DNC Web ad which ran before the election entitled: 'Charles Djou: Wrong for Hawaii'
It states: "Republicans like Charles Djou refused to admit that Obama's policies are working" and asks: "So why is Charles Djou refused to admit the recover act is working?" The ad answers itself by stating: "It's all about opposing Obama regardless of the facts!"

Well, as it turns out Obama's policies AREN'T working, the recovery act is a failure and failure needs to be opposed regardless of the President!

Here's the ad:

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