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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Is the US government targeting its own people?

Barack Obama is continuing a policy (that was implemented by Bush) that targets American enemies abroad. The policy says that American citizens abroad that are associated with terrorism can be caught, imprisoned and even killed. Wait a minute, no civil trial in NYC?

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2009 in Review: A Bad Year for Democrats!

Rising unemployment and an ever-increasing deficit, a stimulus bill that failed to stimulate the economy, budget-busting health care legislation that would raise taxes and cut Medicare, and broken promises on transparency and closing Guantanamo it hasn't been a very good year for Democrats. Here, the year in review.

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Health Care Plan B: Compromise?

Congressional leaders work on health care bill compromise:

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CNM Ukrainian "Hottie" talks about Obama, Socialism, and dangers of Obama's Policies!

From the underground "Conservative News Media" discussing the danger of Obama from someone who has lived under socialst/ communist rule! When this former Ukrainian resident first moved here, she had done so to get away from socialism. Now she is afraid that the U.S. is quickly becoming another version of the Ukrain. "People in America take the simple things like food, water, shelter for granted.....in socialism there is no freedom!" Socialism cannot survive opposition!

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Iran Ready To Sign Nuclear Deal; Launches Rocket Into Space!

From RTT news: Iran is finally ready to sign the United Nations nuclear draft, according to President Ahmadinejad. Also out of Iran, officials say they have successfully launched a satellite rocket carrying live animals into space. In the U.S, intelligence officials say the man who tried to blow up an American airlines plane on Christmas day is starting to open up. Meanwhile two separate bomb attacks have killed more than 20 people in Iraq.

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Obama on Miranda Rights For Terrorists!

Obama talks to Steve Kroft:
"The whole premise of Guantanimo was that somehow the American system of justice was not up to task of dealing with these terrorists....do these folks deserve miranda rights.......no".

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Audio: Clarence Thomas Defends Supreme Courts Campaign Finance Decision!

“If 10 of you got together and decided to speak, just as a group, you’d say you have First Amendment rights to speak and the First Amendment right of association. If you all then formed a partnership to speak, you’d say we still have that First Amendment right to speak and of association," Justice Clarence Thomas said at Stetson University College of Law.

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