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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rush Limbaugh tells Republicans that they should not attend Obama policies!

Rush says it's a trap!

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Biden: I Like Palin But She’s ‘Just So Far Out There’!

In his latest gaffe Joe Biden says of Sarah Palin: "I like her. She's an engaging person. She has a great personality. I don't agree with what she says and I think some of the things she says are not, well...." watch for yourself! Remember, this guy is one of Obama’s heartbeats from assuming the Presidency!

A classic case of the poat calling the kettle black as "The Best of Joe Biden's Gaffe's; A Continuing Series..." will demonstrate!

Finally, my all time favorite: Gaffe-Prone Biden Embarrasses Nation Yet Again By Sneezing During Meeting!

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Senate Ways and Means passes bill that would ease way for tax increases!

The Washington State Senate Ways and Means Committee on Monday afternoon approved Senate Bill 6843, which would suspend Tim Eyman's Initiative 960 and let lawmakers increase taxes with a simple majority vote.
The measure now goes to the full Senate for consideration.
Here are three floor speeches from Republican Senators against SB 6843:
5th District State Senator Cheryl Pflug delivers her floor speech against the passage of Senate Bill 6843, which would suspend the taxpayer protection law created by Initiative 960.

Sen. Joseph Zarelli's floor speech against SB 6843

Sen. Curtis King's floor speech against SB 6843

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