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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How a Man Caught UPS Tampering With His Package!

Richard Lynch sent his laptop for repairs from California to the East coast. When it arrived there, the box was full of soda cans and sheets. After getting no answers from his local UPS shop, he came up with a plan.

He rigged a box with a car alarm—one that would only scream when opened. He went to the store, pay for the shipment and, ten minutes after leaving, the alarm went off. The UPS employees had opened the package, even while they are supposed not to do that.

Watch to see how it ends......

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ACLU Attacks Christmas in Tennessee Schools!

"Well here we have again the ACLU attacking our traditions in this country. Traditions that were going on before and after the ratification of the US Constitution. The ACLU forgets we are a Christian Nation and observe Christian holidays. No they haven't forgotten, they just don't like the Christian religion. What if this was a Muslim holiday? Would they attack it? I doubt it....Traditions that the Founding Fathers themselves observed and did not think unconstitutional. And consider the fact that they wrote the 1st amendment. Don't you think they knew what they meant when they wrote it better than the courts 200 yrs later? Of course they did."
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