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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Behind the scenes with Gov. Pawlenty at Palin-Bachmann rally!

Gov. Tim Pawlenty joined Gov. Sarah Palin at a rally for Rep. Michele Bachmann in Minneapolis on April 7, 2010. The three will then tape interviews with Sean Hannity and attended a fund raiser for Bachmann's campaign.

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Donald Trump: China is laughing at us!

Donald Trump discusses how Chinese manufacturing and imports affect the U.S. economy and why the U.S. needs to restore it's manufacturing base. Trump also discusses what actions should be taken to lessen the trade deficit and stimulate U.S. manufacturing.
"They're laughing at us they think we're so stupid, and our representatives are so stupid."

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Bachmann "attacks" Obama policies at Tea Party rally!

Representative Michele Bachmann "attacks" President Obama's policies at a rally in front of the Minnesota State Capitol building. "Obama won the battle but the American people will win the war"!

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Fed’s Hoenig: Time to ‘Put the Market on Notice’ on Risk!

CNBC: "The time is right to put the market on notice that it must again manage its risk, be accountable for its actions, and cease its reliance on assurances that the Federal Reserve, not they, will manage the risks they must deal with in a market economy," [ Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank President Thomas] Hoenig said.

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‘Lights-Out Performance’: Power Failure Dooms Greenspan Testimony on Capitol Hill!

Staffers opened curtains behind the dais, trying to shed some light on the proceedings. But Greenspan found it difficult to hear without power to the room's microphones, so he shrugged, waved and made his exit.

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