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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rush Limbaugh Discusses How Barack Obama Is A Miserable Failure!

If you disagree with Rush, PLEASE be brave and leave a comment noting ANY of Obama's significant accomplishments. Being 'present' would not count as one!

Plastic Bag Monsters Attack - Contact Your Senator Before It's Too Late!

Now is your chance to save your coastlines, save your oceans and save yourself from permanent, toxic, wasteful, polluting bags. Not really, just a few environmetal wackos dressed as plastic bag monsters with way too much time on their hands...

Ulysses Vegetable Farmer Ed Kosa Talks With US Senator Bob Casey In Potter County!

US Senator Bob Casey stopped in Coudersport, the county seat of Potter County in North Central Pennsylvania. He listened to Ulysses Farmer Ed Kosa who told about the problems that vegetable farmers are facing. "The regulations coming down the pike are hurting the guys out here producing food.....if they want something to eat, they have got to get "dummies" like me to do the work!

Closeup footage of Sarah Palin speech in Searchlight, Nevada!

Closeup footage of the Sarah Palin Tea Party speech in Searchlight, Nevada. Also Sarah greets Joe the Plumber as she gets into her vehicle at the end of the video. Exhilarating, it is!

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