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Monday, May 24, 2010

Congressional Candidate Brad Goehring X-Games Quad Bike Tricks!

"The federal government has consistently worked to increase the tax burden on families, individuals and businesses. Our way of life, and the liberty to control our own future is at stake. Enough is enough. I support a balanced budget capable of long term sustainability, and a government that respects the pocketbooks and the freedoms promised to its citizens in our constitution. I am an independent thinker, and my pledge to you is that when I am elected to congress party labels will not be the barrier to good, common sense ideas. My door will always be open to anyone who is there to work for the people rather than advance an agenda. I am not a radical partisan. I see the challenges which await as well as the need to preserve the ability to pursue the American Dream promised for us all." http://www.goehringforcongress.com/index.html

Gibbs To Palin: You Should 'Get Slightly More Informed' About Oil Drilling!

Gibbs on DeFace the Nation:

NJ Gov. Chris Christie Vetoes Tax Hike Bill!

"I am sending it back to the legislator without my approval!"

Redrawing the map of Europe!

Fantasy cartography with a British narrator: Redrawing the map of Europe. Imagine a world in which countries could move as easily as people. A suggestion for a rearranged Europe. "Move Britain and Poland completely away from their current location!"

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