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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Farrakahn on Obama: From "Messiah" to Murderer!

Remember before the 2008 election and black Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakahn called Barack Hussein Obama the "Messiah"? Now, according to Farrakahn, Obama has been turned into an assassin by "wicked demons". Farrakahn is upset with Obama's bombing of Libya and his handling of the wars in the middle east.

Apparently, Farrakahn is not so happy with the "Hope & Change" Obama has brought about. What a difference a few years make.

Watch ignoramus Farrakahn totally loose it at the close of this video:

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The Laura Ingraham Show - Tim Pawlenty!

Responding to Huckabee's advice that he should fire some of his advisers following Monday's debate:

@1:38 - "Well the main focus of the debate for me was the question about what about RomneyCare and ObamaCare and their overlap and I tried to keep the focus initially on ObamaCare bu obviously the question was directly related about the comparison between the two and my earlier comments on it and since then I have said look, I should have been more direct and more clear that you cannot have a nominee who is going to prosecute one of the main political charges against the president, namely ObamaCare and have that person be a co-conspirator in developing and constructing the program."

@2:28 - Laura: "You weren't intimidated by having Romney standing there were you?"
Pawlenty: "No, I thought at the time I think it was just an incomplete answer and I should have been more direct."

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