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Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Fairness Doctrine is back!!!!

"The Conservative hosts are FAR more popular and many more of them"
Rush Limbaugh has warned us for months and years that this was coming! Back in 1987 suspension of the "Fairness Doctrine" caused Conservative talk shows to boom and liberal talk to fade! Why? Because they are popular and uplifting! Why are they popular? Proponents of the Fairness doctrine contend: Because of a lack of liberal talkers? Um, then how does this explain the failure of "Air America"?

But that's really not the point is it:

The Obama administraiton!
Takes out competion legislatively by: Controlling the Airwaves! Controlling the healthcare system! Controlling executive pay! Controlling the banks!

Controlling YOU!!!!

Progressives, get the picture yet? Eventually, even your toes will be stepped on!
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