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Monday, April 12, 2010

Warning: Libs infiltrating tea party protests!

Ben reveals a website dedicated to infiltrating tea party protests by planting individuals with misspelled signs, and racist signs. Their website clearly states: What We Want: To dismantle and demolish the TEA party by any non-violent means necessary!

To "crash" this site go to:
Who is Ben?

Other recent TEA party news:
Tea Party to block racist behavior at Tax Day rallies!
Another typical Obamunist liberal racist lets loose with "hate Whitey" spew, makes BH Obama, Reverend Wright, & Louie Farrakhan proud.

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The legislative tool of racial politics!

Thomas Sowell had an awesome op-ed piece in Sunday’s paper entitled: “Malignant racial politics”. As Sowell points out, the response to a growing tide of anger towards the ever socialistic policies of the Obama administration has caused many a race card to be played. To add additional fuel to this nationwide fire is the way in which these policies are being imposed. Nancy Pelosi smirked proudly on the Capital steps directly before passage of the most socialistic bills in history which no doubt provoked even further anger from her already steaming ill-represented citizens.

In their skillful tradition of pitting one group against another, the obvious solution to this nationwide discord is to play the race card. This is accomplished by using guilt and shame to cash in on unforgiven sins of white dudes of the past. If you disagree with Obama….about virtually anything, consider yourself a racist bigot! Ingenious solution and one which America has fallen for hook, bait and sinker! Change minus the promised hope! When I look at Clarence Thomas, I do not see a black man instead I see a highly qualified, temperate judge and American citizen. When I look at Obama, I see a President who is ever remindful to the American populate that he’s a black man much less than he’s an American President. The evidence of his inauguration does not seen to be sufficient evidence for him that racism in America is no longer the issue it has been to the extent that a man (or woman) of any race can successfully be elected President as of 2008.

Sowell also reminds us that though Obama claimed a new era of change and unity, he has instead brought division, pitting American against American and carelessly allowed fiscally destructive change within an unchecked, unheard of fleeting time span. He asks: “Is the USA headed in the direction of Sri Lanka (once called Ceylon) where political polarization has whipped up ethnic polarization invoked by group favoritism resulting in “mass slaughters and unspeakable atrocities.”

America was warned about Obama’s socialist agenda by conservative journalists, pundits at Fox News and talk show hosts around the country. To help them demonstrate this, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, among others, played audio clips from long time Obama associates Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers and Father Pfleger to name a few. In exchange for their efforts, they were lampooned and laughed at by the “left”. Remember this:

I wonder, is it still funny?
Now that ObamaCare has given America “what they deserve”, many hopeful patients are experiencing the cold realty of “pay now and receive later”…. much later in fact. In recent newspapers in Tennessee for example, insurance agencies claim they are being flooded with hopeful calls from people wondering what they must do to receive all their new benefits. The short answer: Bend over until 2014!

Civil unrest is growing folks, and unfortunately history reminds us that it will get worse before it gets better!

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‘Gods of Government’ Anthem Vows Resistence a ‘Corrupt Political Machine’!

A new viral video you don't want to miss:

LYRICS: We will not allow a corrupt political machine
to dictate our future

WE will not allow these socialist thugs
steal from our chioldren

Obama you ain't Jesus
and this ain't Chicago
So take that bullshit that you feed us
and give it back to Hugo

Godz of Government - We will not Bow
We're takin you down

we will not allow our public servants
to become our rulers
We will not allow absurd claims of racism
to divide us

Don't need Teleprompter Jesus
to tell us how the winds blow
so get your hands off our freedom
We know more than u ythink we know

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Unions: Let’s Teach Social Justice to Middle Schoolers — But Don’t Tell Glenn Beck

From Sec./ Tresurerer Liz Shuler of the AFL-CIO on C-SPAN-

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