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Monday, June 14, 2010

US Senator Bill Nelson from Florida commenting on the oil spill!

Recorded on June 11, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder. The only compelling reason to watch this video......the cute, alluring reporterette holding her microphone, listening intently whilst providing facial gestures to each thought the Senator expresses.

Sharron Angle's First TV Interview Since Primary Victory!

Sharron Angle goes on Fox & Friends to challenge Harry Reid to debate her. She calls him out on his decades of EPIC FAIL. "He's had 24 years to do something for Americans and he hasen't done it.....he's waterboarded our economy!"

David W. Hedrick / From Tea Party Scores a Big Win at the Washington State Republican Convention!

At the Washington State Republican Convention Marine Cpl David William Hedrick scored a huge victory for the Tea Party! Hedrick's speech was universally recognized as the best speech of any candidate for U.S. Congress at the event.

The speech was given before Republican Delegates at the convention. The camera picked up less than 20% of those in attendance and the microphone (set just to hear the candidate) did not accurately reflect the cheers from the audience. They were so loud, people outside the convention center could hear it in the street. Directly in front of the camera, were many individuals in camps supporting the moderate candidates, so there reaction was more subdued than the rest of the room.

Do Democrats Think Before They Vote?

Alvin "Pinata" Greene, a South Carolina Democrat, won the US Senate primary despite never making a public appearance. He is unknown, unemployed and facing obscenity charges. Actually, it's beginning to look like Greene won because he was the first person on the ballot with a "D" after his name. Clearly this man is not qualfied to be a Senator.

Congressman Assaults Student on Washington Sidewalk!

Read the entire post by Mike Flynn, Editor-in-Chief of Big Government: Long Hot Summer Begins: Congressman Attacks Student. http://biggovernment.com/mikeflynn/2010/06/14/long-hot-summer-begins-congressman-attacks-student/


Then again it's realty nobody's business, once again demonstrating how high-minded and issues-oriented the left-wing blogosphere is.

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