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Friday, October 29, 2010

The Tea Party Express slowing down in Pudacah, KY!

DAY 11 took the TPX crew through the once great state of Illinois, with rallies in Springfield and Frankfort. With only a few days remaining until election day, TPX IV will be busy to the end. Tour embed Andrea Shea King has coverage from Springfield.

DAY 12 takes the caravan into Michigan for three rallies: Jackson--10 AM; Waterford--4 PM; Monroe--8 PM. For this crew, the weather is turning cold and the schedule growing longer, but this is nothing new to them. Once, on TPX III, they held 6 stops in one day.

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Harrell Says State, Country Would be Better Without Stimulus!

South Carolina Policy Council
At an Oct. 21 meeting with leaders from the Upstate Coalition, the Speaker was asked about his vote in the adoption of the stimulus money from the federal government. The Speaker responded that he did vote to accept the stimulus money, and adds that "we'd been better off as a state" and "the county would be better off if we didn't." Watch the video below to see what else he had to say about the stimulus fight.

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Patriotic Third Graders Sing "Home of the Brave"!

This warms my heart greatly:

The third graders of Tussing Elementary School in Virginia are on a roll. They are on a mission to create a wave of positive American music, and have just recorded a new song entitled "Home of the Brave".

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Brecht Forum Speaker: "Pissed off at white people, the U.S., the U.S. Flag"!

Listen to this immigrant speaker at an Oct. 19, 2010 Brecht Forum panel explaining why she is "Pissed off. Pissed at white people, pissed at the U.S., pissed at what the U.S. flag means, and having to see it everywhere and anywhere." Be warned, the Brecht Forum holds programs and events for socialist/marxist/progressive enthusiasts.

…and if that’s not enough:
Jarvis Tyner speaks in Detroit on October 7 on the need for an all-out mobilization to defeat Tea Party and other right wing Republican candidates.

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Sharron Angle for Senate: For We The People!

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Christine O'Donnell - Republican Women Demonized?

The very attractive Christine O'Donnell comments on vicious attacks from the left via Hannity:

A strange post on Breitbart today:
Christine O'Donnell snaps her fingers and beckons a spokesman to her side after the host of "The Rick Jensen Show" asks her some questions she doesn't like. She later threatened to sue the station if they released this video.

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