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Monday, September 15, 2014

Obama: Is America Stronger since 2008?

Is America really more "awesome and stronger" since 2008? Let's review a little history:
-In 2009 President Obama embarked on an apology tour for all acts of aggression towards other countries by the USA prior to 2008.
-After fulfilling a campaign promise to end the Iraq war by 2011, President Obama assured the American people that everything would be awesome in Iraq after America's departure.
-A subsequent draw down of American forces by the current administration encouraged our most dangerous enemies of freedom to rise in power.
As a result internationally:
-The first US ambassador in 30 years was murdered.
-We have allowed Russia to take over Crimea and Ukraine.
-We have softened our sanctions against Iran and abandoned US allies in Iraq.
-Radical Islam is on the rise.
-America's national debt is approaching $18 trillion making it the greatest debtor nation in the world.
-23 million Americans are unemployed of under employed.
-Food stamp, welfare and disability recipients are all at record highs.
-Tens of thousands of illegal immigrants are being allowed to pour across the southern border and granted amnesty.
-America's big cities are engulfed in violence.
-The American family has broken down and morals are on the decline as also is the US Constitution.
-Ebola is here.
Yet on August 17th of this year President Obama gave a speech at a fundraising event in Mass. where he talked about how 'awesome' everything has been the past few years. He said America is 'stronger' than when he first came into office.
I guess that means I'm as dumb as a bag of rocks 'cause the facts just don't gel in my puny head!


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