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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Rush Limbaugh argues with a liberal caller about taxes

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Guess who wins!

Obama Starts Off 2011 With a Whopper: "I Am Committed to Creating Jobs"!

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Barack Obama started off 2011 with a whopper. The far left antibusiness president says his resolution is to create jobs... Unfortunately all of his big government socialist policies have failed to do that and his latest move to give the EPA more power over industry will cause thousands of more Americans to lose their employment.

New Year's Day Dippers 2011!

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Swimmers in the North Sea on New Year's day 2011. So what did you do?

iCrackUriDevice's Top Ten Tech of 2010!

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Courtesy: http://icrackuridevice.weebly.com/
1. The iPad
2. The iPhone 4
3. The HTC Evo 4g
4. Mobile Video Chat
5. Apple TV 2nd gen
6. iPod Nano 6th gen
7. The New Cydia
8. iOS 4
9. Cloud Computing
10. 3D Technology

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