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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

TEA Party infiltrators disguised as Conservatives!

April 15 2009, at the Washington DC tea party protest:
These fools tried to discredit tea party people by pretending to be what they thought tea party people were like. Rumors had them as either Acorn or MoveOn people.

April 19, 2009, Liberals at a Portland Tea Party:
Dumb liberals try to pass themselves off as conservatives in order to discredit the protesters. A few different ones held up signs while others took pictures and video of them among the crowd.

Boston Tea Party VS College STUDENT at SARAH PALIN Teaparty Rally!
PART 1 - UNEDITED! A Tea Party goer gets in heated discussion with a college student on government issues. In Part 2 a different college student JUMPS IN to defend the Tea Partier.

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Pence Breaks Into Laughter on House Floor Over Dems’ Claims They Have Cut Taxes!

Pence: "I just happened to wonder, Mr. Speaker, about the American people looking in this morning to hear Democrats saying they cut taxes more than any other congress in history. Let me see if we can do this: they passed a budget with record taxes and spending, add a trillion dollars to the national debt in the next 10 years, they passed a national energy tax called the cap and trade that will cause utility rates to go up on small businesses and family farms and businesses across the this country by hundreds of billions of dollars."

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New Immigration Bill Puts Arizona Police on Front Line of Border Battle!

KTVK: There was both outrage and praise Tuesday night for the passage of what many are calling the "toughest immigration law in the country.”
It makes it a state crime to be an undocumented immigrant and it criminalizes hiring and transporting illegal immigrants. This was a party line vote:
All Repubs voted Yes and all Dems voted no!

Text from Arizona news source:
New immigration bill puts local police on front line of border battle
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Krauthammer: US Will Go the Way of Greece!

Krauthammer on Foxnews special report:

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