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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Shepard Smith slams Breitbart's Big Government Website!

From a Fox News reporter no less:
(In regards to Shirley Sherrod's comments before the NAACP Freedom Fund Dinner found here: http://www.breitbart.tv/shirley-sherrod-full-speech-before-the-naacp-freedom-fund-dinner-part-1/ )
Shep says: "The video is completely out of context and ran all over the internet. We at Studio 'B' did not run the video for many reasons....because the history of the videos on the site is one we do not trust...it's from an edited videotape on a widely discredited website...edited to the point where the world was deceived." The WHOLE world, Shep?
Kudos to Breitbart and Big Government!

Any thoughts on what the 'B' stands for in Studio 'B'?
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Missouri ACORN Assaults Chase Bank Branch!

As President Obama signed the financial regulation bill, the remnants of Missouri ACORN, reconstituted as MORE, assault a Chase Bank sales branch in St Louis. Forty angry leftists stage a protest including children, bullhorns, signs, professional organizers, and tips to a local news crew that involved storming the AMDOCS building and shutting down business for an hour this morning.

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It Can't Be More Clear Than This - Obama Is A Liar!

(R) Sen. John Barrasso of Wyoming speaking from the Senate floor reminds us of Obama's current agenda which now "unexpectedly" contradicts his previous campaign promises. The most egregious being the individual mandate tax. Are you paying your fair share? You will....and more!

Obama explains the individual mandate tax (a.k.a. political double-speak) back in March 2009:

Republican Whip Eric Cantor Discusses the President's Agenda!

Republican whip Eric Cantor discusses financial regulation, job creation and the President's agenda. "This bill being signed today is detrimental to the economy."

Tea Party gets a Caucus & diversifies!

While the Tea Party faces attacks of racism, Rep. Michele Bachmann(R-Minn.) held the first Tea Party Caucus meeting on Capitol Hill, inviting a diverse group of Tea Party-ers to speak to the House Tea Party Caucus. "We are not the mouthpiece of the TEA party nor do we control it...the people (you) are the head of the TEA party."

Obama is mocked by Osama Bin Laden's #2 on latest tape!

Al-Qaeda number two Ayman al-Zawahiri slammed Arab leaders as "Zionists" who are helping Israel's siege of the Gaza Strip, in his first message since December posted online Monday. He also mocked US President Barack Obama for saying that the Taliban will not gain power in Afghanistan, hailing at the same time, the "victory" of the Islamist militant group against coalition forces.

"These Arab Zionists are more dangerous than Jewish Zionists," Zawahiri said in the audiotape posted on an Islamist website that stated the message was produced by Al-Qaeda's Al-Fajr media arm.
Text source: http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20100719/wl_mideast_afp/qaedamideastpolitics

Sessions Takes on Obama Judicial Philosophy, Announces Opposition to Kagan!

Before casting a 'no' vote at the Judiciary Committee meeting, Sen. Sessions summarized his concerns with Elena Kagan's nomination. Sessions said Ms. Kagan fits President Obama's expressed desire for judges who would allow their personal and political views of "what America should be" to influence their rulings. Sessions argues that such a philosophy of judging is "the greatest threat" to the independence of the courts in our "glorious legal system," and that judges must serve "under the constitution...not above it."

Missouri ad from candidate linking Democrats to Obama...

Let the games begin:
"Missourians have a clear choice in this election. If they want a
rubber stamp for the liberal policies of Nancy Pelosi, Harry
Reid and Barack Obama, they should support Robin Carnahan. But if
they want someone who will fight for Missouri families and jobs, they
ought to support Roy Blunt."

Ground Zero Mosque Debate Pamela Geller vs Ibrahim Ramey!

This is a slap in the face to Americans....and we're turning the other cheek!

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Sherrod: Racism Invented by Elites to Keep the Poor Down!

In another excerpt from her speech to the NAACP Freedom Fund Dinner, Shirley Sherrod gives the audience a curious "history lesson" on how the rich created black slavery in America to divide the races so they could stay in power and keep the poor down. She then explains to the NAACP audience that Republicans are against President Obama because he is black. The crowd voices their agreement.

(Source: Breitbart)
Can anyone defend the indefensible? This guy seems to be able to:

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