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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The "Impeach Obama" campaign!

From: impeachobamacampaign.com
They ask: How long must we wait... how long should we sit back and permit Barack Hussein Obama to rip apart the fabric of this country before we take action?
-Are you terrified at Barack Obama’s campaign to change our country into a third-world nation? -Are you willing to sit back and watch Obama bulldoze our great nation?
-Are you willing to let him construct a totalitarian regime... fascism, socialism, Obamaism... take your pick?

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Gingrich On Browns Election And Pres. Obama!

On the day of Scott Browns election, Newt Gingrich explains why his success illustrates the profound anxiety and unrest being provoked by the Obama-Pelosi-Reid machine.

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Obama: "We shouldn't jam through health care"!

From ABC news today, Obama is asked what the strategy is on health care going forward! Scott Brown WILL be part of the process!

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Brown taking Kennedy seat, altering climate debate!

Republican Scott Brown took the late Ted Kennedy's seat in the Senate on Tuesday night, meaning big changes for Democratic agenda and the end of their party's ability to break a filibuster. Clean Skies News looks at just what these changes mean for climate legislation and which votes might change.

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Anatomy of a Blue State Upset!

Scott Rasmussen asked Massachusetts voters:

"It's time for Democrats to get healthcare behind them!"

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Hope & Change - One Year Later!

The candidate who ran on hope and change brought us:
Unemployment: 7.5% One year later: 10% (17%).
Government spending out of control, highter taxes, national "insecurity"!
How's that hope and change working out for you?

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Delahunt: Let's Break Up Health Care Into Smaller Bills!

Delahunt: "We'll have to do this on an incremental basis....if Republicans don't go along with it, I think they'll do so at their peril!" Umm hmm yea right, whatever you say Bill!

Here's state representative Dian Slavens (D-Canton) talking about her plan to end free, taxpayer-funded lifetime health care for state legislators:

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Axelrod: Halting health reform 'not an option'!

"We won Indiana for the first time since 1964 because of the frustration and anger out there". Yet, what happened last night seems to have no impact on Gibbs and SHOULD cause any sane person to reflect on the significance of the message the liberal Massachusetts voters just sent him! I give you arrogance and stupidity incarnate:

"Dumb and dumber working for an idiot."
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VIDEO: Barney Frank calls for changing rules of senate...

Frank says: "We have a serious constitutional problem."
Viewers respond: "Barney, YOU are the constitutional probem. Your corrupt and immoral values are an insult to the Constitution and the Country. Barney, please try not to alleviate your inherant stupidity by blathering about crap." "This clown has got to go. All the Democrats want things changed if they don’t win or can’t win. This just shows how screwed up they are."

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Ms. Botox herself says: "We are moving forward to pass the legislation....it's just a question of HOW we will proceed....this is the opportunity of a generation otherwise there will not be healthcare for all Americans. They (Rebublicans) weren't for Medicare (now broke) Social Security (also near broke) and they are the handmaidens of the insurance companies!"

It's time for Ms. Pelosi to STFU! America is voting socialism down!
Could You Die Faster? Medicare’s Broke.
For years Social Security and Medicare have been saying that they’re running out of money. But, until now, the date of insolvency was years away.
The just-released Social Security trustees report says that Medicare will be spending more than it brings in this year. In less than a decade, the system will have run through all of its savings and be incapable of paying bills.
Social Security is slightly better off. By 2037–about the same time as GenX and GenY will want to punch out of the working world–Social Security won’t have the money to pay full benefits.

Resistance is NOT futile!
So now you should know Ms. Pelosi, why Rebublicans have resisted all of your party's socialistc programs!
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Haiti: Obama says "cruel and incomprehensible"!

These comments from Obama last week are somewhat incomprehensible to me:
"For a country and a people who are no strangers to hardship and suffering, this tragedy seems especially cruel and incomprehensible," (Video below 00:56)
Incomprehensible I completely agree with but what does he mean by cruel? This earthquake was caused by the ever shifting plates beneath us which have been a natural phenomena since the beginning of the world and is no more unnatural than the breeze blowing or the tides shifting. "Cruelty" presupposes emotion and motive which are human emotions. Humans cannot create earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados or blizzards. So did Obama misspeak or was he really speaking from his ideological belief system presupposing that some”one”, not some”thing” was the indirect cause of this. Moreover, how can a tragedy be especially cruel? A tragedy involving loss of life is no more tragic as the body count multiplies. To not do everything you can to help in this tragedy, that’s cruel! To use this tragedy to advance one’s political agenda, that’s especially cruel. We can all help by donating to the Red Cross and other relief agencies especially in light of today’s news of further aftershocks.

Obama said at the White House following a National Security Council meeting.
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