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Monday, January 24, 2011

Oh, how the "left" attacked Ronald Reagan in the glory years!

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Direct from our "unbiased" Lamestream Media:
On ABC's Good Morning America in June of 2004, following Reagan's death, ABC reporter Sam Donaldson praised the late president's personally generous, but then bashed his policies as miserly.

In September of 1999, co-host Katie Couric previewed a newly released biography of Ronald Reagan at the top of NBC's Today by proclaiming: "The Gipper was an airhead!"

Talking to PBS's Charlie Rose in November of 1993, New York Times editorial page editor Howell Raines denounced the "greed and callousness" he claimed to witness during the Reagan administration. 

On NBC's Today on January 1, 1992 co-host Bryant Gumbel claimed that America's booming post-war economy came to a halt during the Reagan presidency.

In April of 1992, following the Los Angeles riots, Today co-host Bryant Gumbel hoped the violence would at least bring race relations to the "front burner" after being "subjugated" during the Reagan administration 

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